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Growing up the weight of earrings always bummed me out.  I knew there had to be a lighter option that could also be a work of art. Tadaa, Made By Alana was born.

Creating beautiful pieces of art had always been in my blood, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with scoliosis at ten years old that I really started to experiment. In the mid-2000’s I wore a plain chunky white body brace for my condition, and I didn’t want to wear that in school.  I needed to add some personality to my new accessory, so I added funky designs and stickers. My creative juices started flowing and couldn’t be stopped. Six years later, I no longer needed my brace and thought to myself, “What else can I make different and funky?”

After high school I moved to New York City - the place to be for high fashion and innovative creativity.  If you’ve been to the city, you know anything goes, and being there inspired me. I’d go back to my 300 square ft studio apartment in the village and think about how I could share my creativity with the world. Then it hit me: I needed to create high fashion weightless earrings. 

My career in show business started to take off and my passion project was put on hold until I landed in Nashville, TN.  Even though I work long hours producing a national daytime talk show, the passion of creating weightless high fashion earrings has always been on my mind. I decided to make a commitment to actually making these earrings because I knew that this was something missing from many people’s lives and accessory collections. I worked my day gig and in the wee hours of the night and every weekend, it was time to officially launch made by alana.

These earrings are my love letter of sorts to every girl who wants to look fashionable but isn't huge into buying tons of accessories.  I want to keep it simple, all you will need is one pair of statement clay earrings to make your outfits fashionable. Every piece is hand sculpted from polymer clay, drilled, assembled, and packaged by me. I’m excited to share my designs with all of you. My hope is that they will become a staple in your wardrobe.  To honor how this all started, I’m donating one dollar of every sale to the National Scoliosis Foundation. Everyone has a story and path in life this ended up being mine and I wouldn't change it for the world!

$1 of each sale is donated to the
National Scoliosis Foundation

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